“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.”

Coco Chanel

Chanel often had tremendous foresight, both with her designs and her ability to anticipate that truly special products
would eventually be prey to copies.

Those copies, or counterfeits, are unfortunately sold widely around the world today. Not only is this illegal, but presents an
enormous problem for shoppers of pre-loved luxury. How can one know if the product they are purchasing is authentic?

At GPL, we believe luxury is ONLY luxurious if it is authentic. Anything else is void of the craftsmanship, history, and value
that makes luxury goods so desirable. We also understand that purchasing pre-owned luxury online requires a lot of trust,
and can be a nerve-wracking experience.

To help build trust and provide the best customer experience
possible, we offer the following authentication policies:

Every piece we sell is
examined and
before it is featured in
our shows.

We are proudly an Entrupy-Verified Business. Entrupy is a type of authentication that uses artificial intelligence and microscopy to evaluate authenticity with an
rate of 99.1%.*

We also have relationships with Real Authentication and Authenticate First and, through them, can provide authentication certificates for other categories, such as jewelry and clothing.**

We fully encourage customers to authenticate their items on their own using third party vendors.

We will never sell inauthentic items, and offer a 100%
money-back guarantee
for peace of mind.

Entrupy Certificates are available for purchase with any handbag, wallet, or small leather item for a nominal fee of $35.
**The price for certificates ranges from $20-35 dollars.

We are well aware that there are myriad places you can shop, and we are delighted that you
chose to consider us. If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us.

DM is the fastest way to receive a response. Please send us a message here:
Alternatively, you can send us a message through email to: hello@girlprofessionalluxe.com.
Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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