Luxury for the People

We believe everyone deserves to have a little luxury in their lives, and sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to make it work. We are proud to offer a FEE FREE Payment Plan option for our clients.

Please review the terms below to see if this is an option that works for you!

Payment Plan Agreement Terms:

By sending my deposit, I understand that I am entering the following Payment Plan Agreement (The Plan) and I agree to its terms:

1. I will pay for the item purchased on IG Live/in DMs according to the terms of this agreement.

2. The total amount due, the amount of each payment, and the number of payments is as stated by @thegirlprofessionalluxe via DMs.

        – The default terms are: 25% down, with three additional payments of 25% each payable every other Friday after the initial deposit.

3. A deposit is due immediately to hold the item.

4. The deposit is non-refundable, and forfeit if payments are received later than 11:59pm EST on each due date or if the plan is not completed for any reason.

5. Payments are due every other Friday, regardless of the initial date of deposit.

6. GPL reserves the right to remove shopping access from future shows if you forfeit on the plan.

7. Payments must be made via Zelle or bank transfer.

8. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason for items on The Plan.

9. You may hold up to THREE items on The Plan plan at a time, and payments will be compounded. (We may extend your credit after proof of a good track record).

10. We will provide a schedule of due dates upon entering the payment plan. It is your responsibility to keep track of those dates and ensure your payments are on time. Any reminders are a courtesy and have no bearing on your responsibility to complete the plan.

11. The item will ship only if the terms of this agreement have been met and all payments have been received.

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